Ed Hobson is a film maker and visual storyteller, born in Yorkshire, brought up near Stonehenge and now based in London. Graduate of film and animation University of the Arts, Surrey. His elevated visual palette plays to his strong photographic eye, capturing the smallest moments of humanity to the most epic. His history working with some of the great directors of our age has allowed him to explore beauty in the everyday in unexpected ways. Able to get the very best out of actors, experienced and inexperienced is a rare skill that Ed possesses and is visible in stunning ways within the work. Understanding the technical allows him to bridge between director, cinematographer, edit and colourist, allowing the story to be the focus. As a second Unit Director he has travelled the world, bringing to life the macro to the extremely epic, snowy peaks in New Zealand, tundras in Romania, stormy seas around the English coast and even working with Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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